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Privacy policy

UAB iTakeOff, legal entity code 304299909, address Širvintų str. 3-2, LT-50174, Kaunas, phone number: +37068273508, email:, is committed to ensuring the security of your data and highly values and protects your privacy.

Therefore, in this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy), we clearly and transparently present the principles of information collection and usage applied on our website, as well as other information about UAB iTakeOff’s policies and principles, ensuring the protection of personal data.

This Policy applies when you visit the UAB iTakeOff website, register for UAB iTakeOff services by filling out registration forms, or subscribe to newsletters. This policy also aims to inform you about other personal data processing operations carried out by UAB iTakeOff and the basic principles to ensure your privacy. This Policy does not apply when you browse other company websites or use services from third parties when redirected from the UAB iTakeOff website (network).

When processing personal data, we adhere to the requirements of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data, the Republic of Lithuania Law on Electronic Communications, and other relevant legal acts, as well as the instructions of supervisory authorities.

Personal data processing carried out by UAB iTakeOff

To ensure transparency and responsible processing of personal data, we inform you that UAB iTakeOff processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • Maintaining relationships with clients and creating and administering UAB iTakeOff products and services;
  • Contract execution purposes;
  • Providing training ordering services;
  • Assessing client solvency and managing potential arrears;
  • Protection of the interests of the client and/or UAB iTakeOff (quality control of provided services, ensuring prevention of unlawful use of services);
  • Direct marketing, including sending newsletters and offering additional services or proposing to provide them, conducting customer surveys, market research, and collecting statistical data;
  • Improving the quality of services and/or for the purpose of collecting evidence for contract execution;
  • Ensuring the safety of clients, employees, and premises (video surveillance);
    Legal obligations and identity verification;
  • Legal obligations and identity verification;
  • Other purposes related to internal administration, such as processing the data of UAB iTakeOff employees.


What personal data is collected and processed?

UAB iTakeOff collects and processes the following categories of personal data:

  • Basic data necessary for the above-mentioned purposes: name, surname, personal code, date of birth, identity document data, contact information, etc.;
  • Communication data, such as address, phone number, email address, language of communication;
  • Data necessary for providing services or selling goods: order data, information on invoices, data related to payments, etc.;
  • Data collected using communication and other technical means, such as data collected when the client visits UAB iTakeOff branches (video surveillance data) or when communicating with UAB iTakeOff by phone, video and/or audio recording devices, email, messages, and other communication channels such as social networks;
  • Data generated using electronic communication means and UAB iTakeOff services, e.g., traffic data – start date, time, duration, calling subscriber number, receiving subscriber number, IP address used during the internet user connection, etc.;
  • Data related to the client’s visits to UAB iTakeOff websites or using other communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mailerlite, Tidio, etc.)
  • Data related to the provision of services, such as data on the execution or non-execution of contracts, concluded transactions, valid or terminated contracts, submitted requests and complaints, applied service charges, etc.
  • Other data collected with your consent and defined in detail at the time your consent is requested.


Legal bases for processing your personal data

UAB iTakeOff may collect your personal data only based on the lawful processing grounds specified in legal acts. These include the legal basis for the conclusion and execution of a contract when you enter into a service or other contract with UAB iTakeOff (verbal, written, placing an order, inquiry). Legitimate interests of UAB iTakeOff can also be a basis for processing data, for example, when UAB iTakeOff checks solvency, manages and/or collects arrears for the above-mentioned purposes. Your consent is another basis on which UAB iTakeOff can process personal data (for example, in direct marketing, sending newsletters, informing about goods or services, conducting surveys). UAB iTakeOff may also process your personal data to fulfill legal obligations (to comply with the requirements of regulatory acts, as well as to respond to legitimate requests from state and municipal authorities, etc.) or other lawful grounds specified in legal acts.

How long are your data stored?

UAB iTakeOff retains your personal data no longer than required by the purposes of data processing or as provided for by legal acts if they specify a longer data storage period. If there are no specified data storage terms in legal acts for documents containing personal data, these documents are kept for up to 2 years from the end of the relationship with you. After the mentioned term, personal data records are destroyed, and/or documents are transferred to archiving.

UAB iTakeOff takes all possible measures to ensure that personal data is processed accurately, fairly, and lawfully, that it is processed only for specified purposes, strictly adhering to clear and transparent requirements for the processing of personal data set out in legal acts.

To whom does UAB iTakeOff provide or may provide personal data?

  • UAB iTakeOff may provide such data to data processors who perform certain tasks for UAB iTakeOff and provide services (intermediaries who process data to conclude and administer contracts with clients; information technology companies that process data to ensure the creation, improvement, and maintenance of information systems; companies that ensure the sending of messages to clients and provide security and other services);
  • Companies managing joint credit files or administering debts;
  • To the court, law enforcement agencies, or state institutions to the extent provided for by legal requirements;
  • To partners, for example, the acquirers of claims rights, in cases where, to ensure effective debt management, UAB iTakeOff transfers the right to claim the amount payable by the client;
  • To other persons with your consent, if such consent is obtained for a specific case.


You have the right to:

  • Contact UAB iTakeOff with a request for information about the personal data processed by UAB iTakeOff, where and how personal data are collected, and how UAB iTakeOff processes them;
  • Contact UAB iTakeOff with a request to correct your personal data and/or stop such actions with personal data processing, except for storage, in cases where, after familiarizing yourself with personal data, you find that the data is incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate;
  • Contact UAB iTakeOff with a request to erase personal data or stop actions with such personal data, except for storage, in cases where, after familiarizing yourself with your personal data, you find that personal data are processed unlawfully or unfairly, excessive personal data are processed, or other legal grounds specified in legal acts exist;
  • Object to the processing of your personal data when such data are processed or intended to be processed for direct marketing purposes, or due to the legitimate interests pursued by UAB iTakeOff or a third party to whom personal data are provided.
  • The right to data portability, i.e., to receive your relevant personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format that you provided to UAB iTakeOff and transmit this data to another data controller, or to request that UAB iTakeOff directly transmit such personal data to another data controller when technically possible.

For the implementation of your rights or complaints, you can contact UAB iTakeOff by email at or by visiting at Širvintų str. 3-2, LT-50174, Kaunas.

Please note that to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data and to prevent unauthorized disclosure, please bring your ID document with you or sign the request with a secure electronic signature.

You also have the right to contact the State Data Protection Inspectorate, but we will always seek to resolve all issues directly with you.

If you have any questions about the information provided in this privacy policy, please feel free to contact UAB iTakeOff in any convenient way:

  • In writing – by email at;
  • Verbally – by phone at +37068273508;
  • In writing – at the address Širvintų str. 3-2, LT-50174, Kaunas;
  • By visiting the UAB iTakeOff branch.



  • When administering the website and diagnosing malfunctions in the UAB iTakeOff server, we may use visitors’ computer IP addresses. The IP address is a unique code identifying a computer in networks. It can be used to identify a visitor and collect various demographic information;
  • When registering in the UAB iTakeOff self-service, we collect the necessary basic information for user identification and the desired visit information that you provide by filling out the registration form, i.e., name, surname, email address, phone number, preferred visit date and time, and the text of your message to us.

We responsibly store the collected data about UAB iTakeOff website visitors to prevent loss, unauthorized use, and changes. The premises where the collected data is stored are physically protected to prevent access by persons not working at UAB iTakeOff. In addition, the database that stores visitor data to the UAB iTakeOff website is protected against unauthorized access over computer networks.


Your personal data is processed responsibly and securely. When establishing measures for the processing of personal data, as well as during data processing, we implement appropriate technical and organizational measures provided for by legal acts to protect your processed personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, damage, alteration, loss, disclosure, as well as from any other unlawful processing.

UAB ITakeOff employees are committed in writing not to disclose and not to distribute information about company clients obtained in the workplace, including visitors to the UAB iTakeOff company website.

Measures for the security of personal data are established taking into account the risks that arise when processing personal data.


How to find out about changes to this policy?

After updating this privacy policy, UAB iTakeOff will inform about essential changes by publishing a notice on the website.

This policy is prepared in accordance with the principles and rules of personal data processing of UAB iTakeOff. To familiarize yourself with detailed rules, you can always contact UAB iTakeOff by email: or visit the UAB iTakeOff office at Širvintų str. 3-2, LT-50174, Kaunas.